USD to PKR – Dollar Rate in Pakistan Today: October 9, 2023

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As of October 9, 2023, the exchange rate for the US Dollar (USD) to the Pakistani Rupee (PKR) stands at Rs. 282.69. This rate represents the interbank value and reflects the initial rate for the day’s business transactions. It’s important to note that the rates offered by banks and forex exchange companies in the open market may vary slightly.

USD to PKR Rate Update

Previous Closing Rate and the Latest Developments

The closing rate for the US Dollar to Pakistani Rupee on October 6, 2023, was Rs. 282.69 in the interbank market. Please note that this rate was applicable at the close of business on that day. The new closing rate for October 9, 2023, will be updated at the conclusion of today’s business activities.

Today’s Exchange Rate Overview

USD to PKR Exchange Rate (As of October 9, 2023)

Here’s a summary of the US Dollar to Pakistani Rupee exchange rate for today, October 9, 2023, along with a comparison to the previous day’s rate:

  • Date: October 9, 2023
  • Exchange Rate (PKR): Rs. 282.69
  • Change (PKR): No change compared to October 6, 2023, when it was also Rs. 282.69.


In conclusion, the USD to PKR exchange rate for October 9, 2023, stands at Rs. 282.69, reflecting the interbank rate at the beginning of the business day. It’s important to keep in mind that exchange rates can fluctuate, and the rates offered by banks in the open market may vary slightly. For the latest updates on currency exchange rates and financial news, stay tuned to our news site.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  1. What is the interbank exchange rate?
    • The interbank exchange rate is the rate at which banks trade currencies with each other. It’s often considered the benchmark rate.
  2. How do banks determine open market rates for currency transactions?
    • Open market rates are influenced by supply and demand dynamics in the foreign exchange market. Banks adjust their rates based on these market forces.
  3. Are there any fees associated with currency transactions at banks?
    • Yes, banks may charge fees or apply a margin on top of the exchange rate when customers engage in foreign currency transactions.
  4. Why do exchange rates change daily?
    • Exchange rates are influenced by various factors, including economic data, geopolitical events, and market sentiment, leading to daily fluctuations.
  5. Where can I find the most up-to-date information on currency exchange rates?
    • You can stay informed about the latest exchange rates by visiting our news site, where we provide real-time updates on financial matters and currency exchange rates in Pakistan.

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