Passport System Goes Down, Causing Chaos for Pakistani Travelers

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Pakistani travelers were left in a state of chaos on Wednesday when the passport system went down for two hours. The outage caused long queues to form outside passport offices across the country, as citizens waited anxiously for their travel plans to be put on hold.

The outage was caused by a technical fault in the system connected to the NADRA database. This made it impossible for passport officials to upload applicants’ credentials, bringing the entire process to a halt.

After two hours, IT experts were able to reconnect the system to the NADRA database, but the damage had already been done. Many passport applicants had already missed their flights or had their travel plans delayed.

The passport system outage is a major blow to Pakistani travelers, who are already facing long wait times for passport issuance. The government needs to take immediate steps to address the issue and reduce the wait time for passport issuance.

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