Pakistan to Expel Over 1 Million Illegal Immigrants, Including Afghan Nationals

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The Pakistani government has announced plans to expel over 1 million illegal immigrants residing in the country, including Afghan nationals. The decision comes after a surge in street crime and other illegal activities linked to the influx of illegal Afghan citizens.

In the first phase, the government will evict illegal residents and those who have not renewed their visas. In the second and third phases, the government plans to deport Afghans living in Pakistan with citizenship and proof of residence cards.

The Ministry of Interior has prepared a plan in consultation with all stakeholders and the Afghan government. The ministry has also issued directives to the concerned to compile a list of Afghans living in Pakistan without permits and prepare a transportation plan to bring them to the Afghan border.

The decision to expel illegal immigrants is a controversial one, with some arguing that it is necessary to address the issue of crime and illegal activities, while others argue that it is inhumane and will displace thousands of people.

The government has defended its decision, stating that it is necessary to protect the country’s security and sovereignty. The government has also stated that it will provide assistance to those who are deported, including helping them to return to Afghanistan safely.

The expulsion of illegal immigrants is a complex issue with no easy solutions. It is important to weigh the need to protect the country’s security and sovereignty against the humanitarian concerns of displacing thousands of people.

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