Pakistan Railway Officers Banned from Using ACs to Save Money

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Pakistan Railway officers up to grade 18 will no longer be able to use air conditioners in their offices, the company announced on Monday. The ban is part of a cost-cutting drive amid the country’s economic crisis.

Pakistan Railway (PR) has decided to ban officers up to grade 18 from using air conditioners in their offices due to the economic crisis and power shortages in the country. This rule applies to all PR facilities, such as workshops and factories, until further notice. There is also an existing ban on using ACs in railway officers’ offices from 8 to 11 AM. PR is taking these steps to save money as it is facing financial difficulties.

The ban on ACs is a tough measure, but it is necessary given the current economic situation. Pakistan is experiencing a severe economic crisis, with high inflation and low foreign exchange reserves. The government has taken a number of austerity measures to try to reduce the budget deficit, and PR is no exception.

PR is a major state-owned enterprise, and it plays an important role in the Pakistani economy. However, it has been facing financial difficulties for many years. In recent years, PR has been running losses due to a number of factors, including declining passenger traffic, rising costs, and mismanagement.

The ban on ACs is just one of a number of measures that PR is taking to save money. Other measures include reducing staff, cutting costs, and improving efficiency. The company is also hoping to attract investment from the private sector.

The ban on ACs is a reminder that everyone needs to do their part to help the country overcome the economic crisis. Even small measures, such as saving energy, can make a difference.

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