Chicken Prices Down by Rs 27 in 3 Days: Good News for Consumers

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In a significant relief for consumers, chicken prices in Punjab have witnessed a consistent decline over the past three days. After soaring to unprecedented levels just last week, chicken rates have steadily decreased, providing some respite for household budgets.

The Fluctuating Chicken Prices

Poultry traders report that live chicken is now available at Rs 332 per kilogram in the wholesale markets of Lahore, marking an Rs 8 decrease from the previous day. Simultaneously, the cost of chicken meat has fallen to Rs 498 per kilogram, reflecting a notable Rs 12 drop. This cumulative reduction amounts to a substantial Rs 27 per kilogram in just three days. In addition to chicken, egg prices have also seen a decline, dropping by Rs 18 per dozen and currently retailing at Rs 285 per dozen.

The Supply-Demand Dynamics

This decline in prices can be primarily attributed to an improved supply of chickens in the wholesale markets. Last week, the inflated prices were a result of reduced supply amid exceptionally high demand. The sudden spike in chicken prices had become a cause for concern among consumers, affecting their daily dietary choices and household budgets.

Implications for Consumers

With prices now more affordable, citizens can once again include chicken and eggs in their regular diets without straining their budgets. Both chicken and eggs are staple food items in most households, making this price reduction a welcome development for many families.

Caution for Consumers

However, it is essential to remain cautious. Poultry vendors are warning that the rates could fluctuate at any time due to the inherent volatility in production costs. As a result, consumers are advised to keep a close eye on long-term trends in chicken prices.

In conclusion, the recent drop of Rs 27 per kilogram in chicken prices over three days in Punjab is a positive development for consumers who rely on these essential food items. While this dip provides immediate relief, it’s crucial to remain vigilant about future price fluctuations. The supply-demand balance in the poultry market can shift rapidly, impacting prices. Therefore, consumers should make informed choices and stay updated on the latest trends in chicken and egg prices.


  1. Why did chicken prices rise initially?
    • Chicken prices surged due to reduced supply and high demand in the market, leading to inflated rates.
  2. What caused the recent decline in chicken prices?
    • The improved supply of chickens in wholesale markets has led to a consistent drop in chicken prices over the past three days.
  3. Are egg prices also affected by the changes in chicken prices?
    • Yes, egg prices have also declined in response to the decreased chicken prices, making them more affordable for consumers.
  4. Should consumers expect stable chicken prices in the long term?
    • While prices have decreased for now, the poultry industry’s inherent volatility means that rates could fluctuate again in the future.
  5. How can consumers stay informed about chicken and egg prices?
    • Consumers can keep track of price trends by monitoring news updates and checking prices at their local markets.

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